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Jobs & Auditions

On the EntsWeb home page you will see a big amber coloured button that links you to the Jobs & Auditions area. Here you will find a list of entertainment related jobs and auditions that are posted on a regular basis.

The job ads are all placed directly onto the site by the advertisers and listed in good faith but you should always check the veracity of any offer.  We have asked advice from Equity about taking overseas contracts and you can see what they had to say here Equity Advice. I’d also advise you to read our terms and conditions.

Duplicated Ads

When you first open the Jobs & Auditions page the default view is “All Categories”. This shows every job that has been added but you may notice some duplicated entries. This is normal as the same ad may have been added to multiple categories. For instance someone looking for a dancer that also sings may place the Job under both “Singers” and “Dancers” therefore when the “All Categories” page is viewed, you see the ad twice. This is easily remedied with the filter system which allows you to view just the category of ads relevant to you and hides duplicates.    

Using the filter to view jobs in a selected category

If you look at the top of the list you will see two drop-down menus. The first selects the category of job you would like to view. For example to display just jobs for Tribute acts, select “Tributes & Lookalikes” from the drop-down, all other jobs will then be filtered out leaving just the jobs you are interested in.

Change the order

At the top of the list of Jobs you will see two drop-down menus the one to the right allows you to select order in which you would like the ads displayed. You can order them alphabetically or chronologically.

Get instant notification when a new job is added to a category of interest

If you are a member of EntsWeb with an A1, A2 or A3 entry you can opt into the immediate notification system for new jobs. For more information on this click here